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  • Full or partial organization of all kinds of events
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Event Di offers a variety of services for the organization of corporate and social events of all kinds, from weddings / christenings and children’s parties to cultural events, business meals, banquets and conferences.

With the sole purpose of meeting your own needs and desires, Event Di provides creative and quality suggestions, ensuring not only an unforgettable experience for you and your guests but also lasting impressions.

For a comprehensive and of course excellent result, we cooperate with distinguished photographers, florists, DJs, music bands, catering companies, travel agents and hotels, while we also provide transportation with luxury cars and decoration services. Special packages of decoration, hospitality, catering (including thematic cakes and treats) are offered, as well as travel, transport and accommodation arrangements and entertainment (dancers, musicians, childcare etc.).

Apart from the privately-owned estate in the village of Kapileio, just 15 minutes from the city of Limassol, Event Di undertakes the organization of events at any location of ​​your choice.

Enjoy unforgettable moments, with colour, music and rich flavours, without any worries, with the signature of Event Di. Our team will be by your side, step by step, taking care of all details for an extraordinary result.

Our own private estate in Cyprus used for the organization of all kinds of social events