Event Di plans and organizes any kind of events !!!

Are you thinking of getting married in a traditional wedding; Contact us today for the FREE, whole or partial EVENT PLANNING of your traditional wedding getting placed wherever you wish or in villages very close to the city. We have prepared for you TRADITIONAL MENUS at very AFFORDABLE PRICES. We provide the catering, the service and all the equipment that you need. Also, we offer the decor and the flower arrangement. For more information, contact us at 70007772.


Event Di provides free Wedding cake-theme for Christening

Organize your wedding or the christening of your child on the estate of Event Di and get for FREE the WEDDING CAKE or the THEME CAKE of your CHRISTENING. And don’t forget the FREE whole or partial ORGANIZATION of your event, with the signature of Event Di and also the NO EXTRA CHARGE for events to be held in the estate of Event Di.
For more information contact us at 70007772.     


The completion of our own premises

Event Di provides a private place adapted to your needs for your event and ALL or PART of the ORGANIZATION of the event you dream of at NO EXTRA CHARGE, (not only for events to be held at the estate of Event Di, but wherever you wish), which is a brand new area that has been studied to combine functionality with aesthetics for an enjoyable event for you and your lovely guests. The construction for the extension of events’ place, moving towards to their end to welcome you and your guests (new photos are expected from the area with the completion of work).
The estate has three outdoor beautiful places. The garden with olive trees that originally consists of paved area and grass with big kiosk and one idyllic pool area. All three spaces or areas can operate in a uniform or separately. Very close to our place, you can find -the recently renovated- St Georges the Triumphant ancient church steeped in history (14th-15th century AC).
For more information contact us at 70007772.